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The former Sun Rise Simmentals Cowherd:

Purchased by the Lowes Family of Ja-Lyn Farms, and Erik and Melissa Pateman of Pateman Ag Ltd., in 2013, and now being very successfully managed and promoted as JP Cattle Co. of McCauley, MB.

We retained the 2013 calf crop and a few flush cows as a retirement project that has kept us very actively involved in the Simmental business.

Our "Retirement Project" Foundation Cows

The following are the flush cows we retained:

SUN RISE BLACK 45R | Reg. #BPG 640321 | BD: Feb. 22, 2005
photo of Sun Rise 45R      HC Power Drive 88H
Sire: RCC/TCF Line Drive M181
     BOZ Sweet Temptation
     Knight Stinger 207Y
Dam: Sun Rise 35G
     Sun Rise Up-Town-Girl 7E
Footnotes: 45R is the dam of 78U pictured below. 45R produced 18
SVS Captain Morgan 11Z embryos. We sold 5 of these embryos for $6,000 at the New Year's Resolution Frozen Genetics Sale on December 31, 2013 at Saskatoon, SK. Click here for photo of embryo progeny. 45R produced the blaze-faced bull by Captain Morgan which sold for $23,000 to Perkins Land & Cattle at the 2016 Proudly Western Bull Sale. 45R currently has a blaze-faced full brother to that sale topper, who will be a sale feature for 2017.
SUN RISE BLACK 78U | Reg. # BPG 693415 | BD: Mar. 27, 2008
photo of Sun Rise Black 78U      MSR Kansas Tank 237M
Sire: Springcreek Levi 39S
     Nevas L93
     RCC/TCF Line Drive M181
Dam: Sun Rise Black 45R
     Sun Rise 35G
Footnotes: 78U is the daughter of our flush cow 45R pictured above. 78U is the dam of Sun Rise Legacy 9B, who sold for $77,500 to JP Cattle Co. and Rocky Meadow Ranch in 2015. A full brother to Legacy attracted serious attention at our 2016 sale. 78U continues to produce embryos and remains a valued member of our program.
SUN RISE BLACK 85W | Reg. # BPG 705536 | BD: Mar. 18, 2009
photo of donor cow JTC 85W      MSR Kansas Tank 237M
Sire: Sire: Springcreek Levi 39S
     Nevas L93
     CNS Dream On L185
Dam: Sun Rise Black 37S
     Sun Rise Red 34P
Footnotes: 85W is by the same sire as 78U.
She is a feature flush cow.
SPRINGCREEK TARA 7P | Reg. #BPG 625190 | BD: Jan. 12, 2004
photo of cow Springcreek Tara 7P      3C Full Figures C288
Sire: MSR Kansas Tank 235M
     MSR 0053K OF 515E
     SRS J914 Preferred Beef
Dam: SRS Lima L1034
     SRS Hilda 804H
Footnotes: 7P has been a very productive cow in our program. We have four daughters including an outstanding daughter of Springcreek Liner 56U, whose Captain Morgan son sold to Alberta for $8,000 in our 2016 Bull Sale. Two granddaughters are also earning their place in our cowherd. 7P produced a $7,250 Captain Morgan son sold in our 2016 Bull Sale. 7P now resides at Maxwell Simmetals in Alberta in their flush program.
SUN RISE RED 13X | Reg. #PG 726782 | BD: Jan. 28, 2010
photo of JTC 13X       RC Stinger 072K
Sire: TNT Gunner N208
     TNT Miss Honey L9
     Lchmn Bodybuilder 7303F
Dam: Sun Rise Red 11U
     Sun Rise Miss Warren 4L
Footnotes: 13X produced one of the first heifer calves in our program sired by the $77,500 Sun Rise Legacy 9B. She's black, polled and looks like she has a future.

Percentage Cattle:

In recent years we have been raising Percentage cattle, bred with a plan, to produce bulls and females with profit potential for commercial producers. We have used well-known and proven Angus bulls on our heifers and young cows. This has resulted in the production of a product we liked and found to be very marketable to the beef industry. We intend to continue producing these high quality percentage cattle as part of our breeding program using the same strong criteria as used in the purebred program.

RRAR Rising Star 12Bphoto of JTC 12Y